Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 More and It is Mine!

Posted by Secret Burkheiser at 8:53 AM
Woohoo, I am going to make another payment on my second embroidery machine. I am so excited. Just two more to go and it is all mine.

I have been struggling with one machine for so long. I have had to turn down embroidery orders because my machine just not have the get up and go I wish she had. I am not saying she is a bad machine, because she is not. She had her quirks, but I soon learned how to deal with them and use her like a pro. She produces amazing results. But for the amount of work that I have, she just does not have the speed I need her to have. I will not be getting rid of her, because I do love her! But she will be getting a more advanced sister or brother to work along side of her:)

But, soon I hope I can gt a third machine. My dream machine actually. A brother PR-620.



Alexis AKA MOM on July 6, 2009 at 9:31 AM said...

Good luck my dear. We did sod the year before last and it didn't take. Just can't win in the back yard! UGH.

Yeah the birthday party sounds like it will be fun. Fingers crossed :)

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