Thursday, July 2, 2009

Backyard Renovation

Posted by Secret Burkheiser at 9:22 AM
I would really love to have my daughter's 3rd birthday bash at my house in my backyard, but it is horrible at the moment. We have 3 huge trees in our backyard that block much of the sunlight. We also live in South Louisiana and the heat is horrible, not to mention we have not had enough rain in some time to make a difference. Well, half of our yard has no grass! Just dirt!!!

We have a great dane and an airedale terrier that love to run in our yard. They roll in the dirt all day long. Then they track all the dirt on the back patio and into the house. Can you imagine the mess we have everyday?

The best is my daughter loves it too!!! She loves digging in it and throwing it around. I would normally let her play in the front yard where there is lots of grass and not so much mess. But, we recently purchased her a swing set and it is in the backyard. The other day one of the older children I babysit went in the backyard to play with her on her swing set. She came to get me to see my daughter. My daughter was covered from head to toe in the dirt!!! Her brand new pink dress was BROWN!!! She said my daughter was laying face first in the dirt rolling around in it just like the dogs. I had to strip her clothes off outside and bring her straight to the bathtub. It was actually kind of funny to see her like that, but I did not let her know.

Well, I have had enough of the dirt and the mess so we have decided to get some sod. I spent hundreds of dollars in expensive grass seed last year and none of it took. So, I am going straight to sod this year and not even dealing with seed. I am going to take my husbands truck to the nursery today and pick it up. I am so excited. I am just trying to imagine my life without the huge amount of dirt tracked in my house everyday by my daughter, the kids I babysit and most importantly the DOGS! So, cross your fingers I can keep it alive and it takes.

Now all we need is new patio furniture and a swimming pool and we will be all set. Hint!Hint!


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